This month was the last month we could still do our walks to Subway in the early afternoons. It started getting too hot. As you can see, after walking almost a mile, Luke got a little tuckered out. Look at him resting his chin on his Daddy’s shoulder.

IMG_6427 IMG_6421

We had a fun Memorial Day cookout with our friends. We had kiddie pools set up, and of course our big pool was a hit as well.

IMG_6374 IMG_6373

Look at my little lady’s man. This picture makes me laugh so hard.


Luke absolutely loves swimming. Alina is holding Luke in the hot tub (more like the warm tub) while Mommy snaps some pictures.



Susanna was in town for a class she was taking, and on the other side of Austin is his girlfriend, Gabby.IMG_6359

Luke has so much fun raking leaves with Momau. I hope he will always be such a hard worker and helper!


Luke also helped Daddy hang up lights around our patio. It’s so neat seeing him helping us around the house.IMG_6335

He also helped Daddy bring in chairs from other rooms when we had a devotional at our house. Luke loves helping us in any way he can. He even feeds the dogs every day for us!




The following picture was taken one Sunday after church. I love how we are all piled in the bed, snuggling and getting some puppy-lovin’.


Cousin Susanna came over to swim and tan. It’s nice having family in town!


We went to the pool on a regular basis. Like I said, Luke is a fish!IMG_6271

And he sure does love his puppy dogs.


We had another playdate at the Splash Park in Alachua.

It cracks me up watching Luke play in the water because he is so BRAVE. He sticks his head in the sprinklers, gets water in his eyes and nose, and could care less. He’s so tough!IMG_6233 IMG_6228 IMG_6222 IMG_6217

Luke loves riding his truck around the house all the time… and sometimes he takes his friends for rides as well. Minnie and Mickey Mouse are a lot of fun!


For Mother’s Day with Momau, we took her to a restaurant of her choosing. She chose Cedar River Seafood (which is ironic since she doesn’t like seafood…)IMG_6096 IMG_6091

And here’s Luke and Mommy on Mother’s Day. I am so glad I get to be his mommy. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.



Luke got a new set of yard tools this month. Here he is with his wheelbarrow, shovel, and hoe.


But once again, after all that hard work… sometimes you just gotta kick back and relax!

IMG_6061 IMG_6030

We went to visit Aunt Karla this month. Luke had a blast visiting her and Gillian.


He loved the little stool he got to sit on at the table. When I was growing up, this little stool was at Mamau and Papau’s house for me to sit on.


Aunt Karla had so many toys for Luke to play with… it was like a toy store! He had a blast rotating through each toy!


And he had even more fun running down her mountain! She lives on a very steep hill, and Luke loved going up and down the “steps” (that’s what it felt like to him!)


But his all time favorite activity when we were in Virginia?? Eating Mamau’s famous chocolate pie (recreated by Aunt Karla)! YUM!


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This month, Luke constantly wanted to hold the doggies. This is Luke holding Sugar. She’s a third of his body weight, so he’s gotta sit down to hold her.

IMG_5944 IMG_5939

He loves his doggies so much. We decided to move Luke up to a toddler bed this month. He has never liked his crib, but I felt that if he had the option to get out of bed, and not feel caged in, maybe he would tolerate his own space better. Worked like a charm!

Luke slept great in his crib! He did fall out a few times, but I had pillows to catch his fall, so most of those times, he actually stayed asleep. We eventually put a pool noodle under his sheet to help him stay in bed easier.


Luke and I took a nice afternoon stroll down mainstreet in Alachua. We stopped at my favorite burger place…Bev’s. Luke’s new molars were bothering him so he got a milkshake out of lunch! And you can’t see it in this picture, but in Luke’s right hand, there’s a miniature rake. Luke loves helping Momau rake leaves in her yard! On our walk back to Momau and Poppa’s house, we stopped to visit with Aunt Donna. Luke got to build some blocks on her porch before we headed back home.


We spent many mornings at the park with our friends Lindsay and Amelia. Luke and Amelia have gotten to be sweet little friends. It’s adorable seeing them play together!


It was this month that Luke learned how to climb stairs (at the park). It’s so cool seeing him learn and grow.



Sweet boy has so much fun at the park…finding all the pinecones and sticks on the ground.


Luke also enjoys spending time with Juliana. Here they are on their first Sunday in the 2-3 year old classroom! (Yes, we moved them up a little early!)


We celebrated Easter by going to Carl’s parents church in the morning, and having supper with Momau. Poppa was in Canada taking care of his parents.


Here’s our family Easter photo.


My little munchkin loved collecting Easter eggs! Some of his eggs had the classic Disney characters on them, and he named every single one!

IMG_5590 IMG_5553 IMG_5545

Momau gave Luke an Easter basket with Winnie the Pooh, a balloon, and jelly beans!

IMG_5480 IMG_5461  IMG_5430 IMG_5418

The Easter bunny brought Luke Mommy’s old Peter Rabbit collection, as well as two Peter Rabbit books!


This picture…see Momau’s face? That’s so typical when she is with Luke. He keeps her in stitches laughing! These two sitting in their lawn chairs…goodness I love em!


We got to go swimming in a big pool this month! We had a lot of fun. Luke is a FISH in the water! What a great summer we must have ahead of us!


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