A Beautiful January

Luke impressed me so much this month. His verbal skills are leaving me with a huge smile across my face, and my jaw dropping on most days! This month he really started putting together small sentences! He asks us every day, “Bib off?” when he is done eating, and he asks us “Dogs out?” when he wants to go take the dogs potty. One of the times we took the dogs out, Luke got frustrated with Sugar for not coming back. “Come on now!” he shouted while patting his thigh! He cracks me up.

He has also gotten really good at asking for what he wants, very specifically. He will ask me for a “spoonie” (a smoothie) or to play “munic” (music), or he will ask to eat oranges or yogurt…among many other things! It sure does help me know exactly what he wants since he can let me know so clearly. I absolutely love seeing and hearing him learn so much.

One time, Luke walked by me and gently pushed me out of his way, saying “‘Scuze me!” He also says “‘Scuze me!” when he burps! Sometimes I will call for him and say “Come on, baby!” And he pokes his head around the corner and calls me “Honey”…another nickname I often give him!

The other day, I was in the kitchen cooking and I hear, “Mommy!” “Yes, Luke?” He had figured out how to get in and out of his “go cart” by himself. He replied, “Good job, baby!” He tells himself “Good job” when he does something new! It is the sweetest thing.

One evening as the sun was setting, Luke walked by our patio and said, “Sky pretty!” I’d say he was right, wouldn’t you?


He’s also becoming so aware of things going on around him. For example, one day as we were driving home, we were at a stop light in front of Home Depot. We go to Home Depot with Poppa (who Luke also calls Buddy) quite often. Luke looked out the window and said “Buddy?”

We started out our beautiful January with taking a long walk through our neighborhood on New Years Day. It was such a gorgeous day, and as you can see by our attire, it was not feeling like winter! As usual, Luke collected leaves on our walk!


Later that week, we went to visit with my parents. Luke would not take a nap. I couldn’t get him down to save my life. Around 7, he looked at my dad,flopped back in his arms, and passed out. My dad thought he was joking for a minute because Luke NEVER just passes out… but it was real. He passed out cold! I couldn’t stop laughing.


I ran some errands with Luke and brought along my ring sling since I knew we wouldn’t have a shopping cart to put Luke in, and the stroller can be too much of a pain sometimes. Luke loved being carried in the ring sling. It was the first time in months that he had fallen asleep being worn! How convenient! I love having him so close and getting his sweet snuggles! (Excuse the cracker crumbs all over the sling in the photos!)


I love babywearing. Have I mentioned that before? I’m pretty sure I have. It’s a huge part of attachment parenting, which gets my vote 100%. We started out with the baby K’Tan, and it was awesome. It held Luke so snuggly and close to me, and he loved it! When he got a little too big for the k’tan, we occasionally used a hot sling, and then we switched to the ergo…which was amazing! The ergo worked for many many months, and I used it countless times. Shopping, airports, around the house, any time I wanted to be hands free but still have my little guy with me. A few months ago, he started fussing in the ergo and it made me sad because I thought our babywearing days were over…. but then…I discovered Tulas. We now have a toddler tula (and this will be our final carrier, unless we get a standard tula if we have any more babies)… Luke loves riding in this! I know some of you may be thinking why am I carrying him everywhere… it’s simple- he wants me to! He’s too little to walk long distances, and babywearing just calms him down. If he is in a situation that is over stimulating, or he doesn’t want to be there, babywearing helps him feel like he’s just with mama, and he can take in as much of the world as he chooses. Happy baby = happy mama, don’t you know?


My precious boy holding mama’s hand when we are watching Mickey.


We traveled to Jacksonville AGAIN this month… this time for my cousin’s wedding. Just the three of us in the picture went…and this was the only picture we got.


While shopping in the Publix bakery for Daddy’s birthday cake, Luke enjoyed his first shopping-cookie!


January brought some fun playdates for us (and I remembered to take pictures, haha!). Below, Luke is swinging at the library after story hour. We listened to a couple of stories with some friends, and then played in the park area at the library. Luke liked hanging from the swing like he is in the photo below. He cracks me up.


Later on in January, we went to the gym for “stay and play.” A local gymnastics center opens up their floor two days a week and all the kids get to play on the mats and their equipment for a small fee. He had a blast playing with his friend Mackenzie whom we met there!

Luke also enjoyed a playdate with our neighbor, Maddox. We went to the park and played on the merry-go-round, slides, swings, and other play equipment. Luke LOVED the merry-go-round! Look how well he sat and held on!


He loves spinning. He goes to his daddy and asks to spin when daddy is in his office chair. I asked him one day, “Luke, are you my little thrill seeker?” He answered, “Nope. Boy.” I about fell over laughing. I always tell him “You’re my boy!” and give him kisses!

I think it’s also really cool that Luke is generalizing a lot… he knows spinning is something you can do in an office chair, he points at the fan and says “It’s spinning” and when a ball rolls, he points to that and says it is spinning as well! It amazes me how he picks up on things that we don’t directly teach him!


Here’s my motorcycle babe!


Luke had a blast discovering his shadow this month. He waved at it, jumped with it, and then tried to escape from it! He cracked me up as he jumped to the side while studying his shadow. I think he was testing to see if he could be faster than it is!

IMG_4143 IMG_4142

We helped Poppa fix up his rental house a little bit… here are Luke and Poppa developing a game plan. Luke is standing on Poppa’s ladder! Side note- if you ask Luke a question that he doesn’t know the answer to, he will shake his head, hold his palms up and say “No?” meaning “I don’t know!” It’s so adorable.

IMG_4141 IMG_4140

And Luke got to admire Momau’s flowers. He adores them. He is very gentle with them as he runs his hands through them and feels them. He says they are pretty! And when he saw a naked tree that had gone dormant for the winter (I feel like winter should be in quotations, because we are in Florida, haha) he asked, “Leaf, where are you??” I laughed so hard! He knew something was missing!


Luke loves playing with his little animals and his barn he got for Christmas! They are all sitting on his little quilt, and he’s learning to keep his animals on the mat so that he has a defined work space, and animals don’t wind up all over the house!


This boy LOVES animals. At Momau’s and Poppa’s, we pulled out my old toys… specifically, My Littlest Petshop. He loves the animals in there, as well! Especially these bunnies!


All the playing he does sure can wear a boy out! Look at him napping with the doggies. So sweet!


Upon waking from one of his naps this month, I heard him call me a little differently than usual. Usually, he’s standing his crib yelling “Mommy!” but this day, I heard, “Mommy, where are you?? Where are you mommy?” He cracks me up!


Look who greeted me when I got home one day! Here’s Luke peeking over our fence!


We finished off January laying down mulch for Momau. Luke helped mama, but you know what they say about all work and no play!


So we made sure to balance out our day with a little wheelbarrel fun!


December’s Magic

December was such a busy month! We finally took on tackling my fence, which was falling apart and leaning in all the wrong ways. (Is there a right way for a fence to lean?…) We completely tore it down, pressure washed the boards, and then hung them up and stained them. Luke, of course, was a huge helper.IMG_4258

IMG_4407 IMG_4404

Look at him holding all his tools! Two wrenches and a hammer.  This was the only “before” shot we got had from our poor old fence.


Here are some other pictures of Luke this month… once again, admiring the leaves! These were taken at our church after services when we were walking around outside.

IMG_4485 IMG_4482

December was also such a magical month. We went to cookie-decorating parties, went Christmas shopping, and decorated our home. In fact, Christmas lights and decorations were in abundance in our home, and the magic was definitely not lost on Luke. IMG_4365

He absolutely loved pointing out our Christmas tree (pronounced A-C-D), and our angel on top of our tree! And his all time favorite….Frosty the Snowman. He loves Fwosteeeee! He would shout “Fwosteeeee!” with so much excitement that the last few “e’s” came out as a whistle! It was the cutest thing.IMG_4255_2

Santa on the other hand? Let’s just say he’s not as cool as Frosty. (har har)

We did bring Luke to see Santa Claus, but this mama wasn’t about to force her frightened babe into the arms of a stranger. So, did Luke see Santa? Yes. He SAW him. And that was it. Left without a photo of Luke and Santa together, but left WITH Luke’s trust. Much more important.



Luke loved looking at the Christmas tree.  He did such a great job of not touching the ornaments that he wasn’t allowed to touch. (We designated a few to be Luke-safe, so he got to admire those while holding them.) He liked to spin a Frosty ornament on the tree and he said that Frosty is dancing! He is such a delicate and gentle little boy, which I appreciate so much. Glass ornaments were able to be hung down at his level and not out of reach, so he could enjoy them too. So precious.


He brought me my phone and said “Mommy cheese,” so, we did just that. We said “Cheese” and took a selfie!


Here’s his life-size buddy, Frosty. He wasn’t too sure about this Frosty at first, and he kept asking for Frosty to lay down.


Maybe Frosty wasn’t as intimidating when he laid down.


Luke spent another month completely adoring and loving Sugar, or as he now calls her “See-See.” We don’t know why he calls her that, but it has stuck and several of us call her that now.


We took our annual Christmas picture…this year in front of our tree!


We take several so that we can choose the best, and in one of them, Luke grabbed my face and started kissing me. Such a sweetie-pie!

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.49.07 PM

This picture… I laugh every time I look at it. This is not our house. This is our friends’ house…Daniel and Ruia’s. In California. Last year we took our Christmas photo at their house and made a joke about having to take it at their house every year. So this year, we had decided we would send a funny photo-shopped photo of us in front of their house. But then Daniel beat us to the punch and sent us a photo of just his fireplace so we could photo-shop us into the photo. We didn’t use that (because that was too easy) so we used this instead…


The Floridian December was quite lovely… some days we were cold, but other days we got to wear shorts and short sleeves! It was great! Luke absolutely loves this miniature broom and dustpan set, so guess what he got for Christmas! His very own child size broom!


Luke also got a rocking horse for Christmas! It took him a few days to like riding the horsey, but now he loves it.


This month, Luke astounded me. I asked him, “Would you like your water?” And he answered, “My water.”


Look at my little cowboy.


He also started pointing out to us when it is raining or windy. He points out the window and says “Raining.” or “Windy.” I think it’s wonderful that he recognizes that already!


Something else Luke said, this month, caught my attention. We were sitting at the kitchen table and he burped. I looked over, and he said, “‘Scuze me!” Talk about a proud mama, my little guy is using his manners!



Santa was also good to Luke at home.


On Christmas morning, he stumbled into the living room and saw the little blue car.  His eyes got huge and he shouted “Go cart!!!!!” (pronounced tow-cart)…It’s a “smart car” with a sunroof and all!IMG_4242


IMG_3546 IMG_3542

He also loved the barn and animals we got him. “A-MALS!” he likes to shout, as he grabs us by the hand and asks us to “Walk!”


As usual, Luke loves hanging out with Poppa. And seeing his sippy cup in a photo makes me remember that this month, when I asked him “Would you like your water?” he answered “My water.” Changing “your” to “my” was quite amazing to hear. He also later asked, “Help me” as opposed to “help you.” I love watching his language develop!


And he loves mowing the lawn! (Thank you Auntie Laurel!)


“I’m trying to work here, guys…”


He also had a great time playing in sand!! So much fun!


I sure love this little stud muffin.

IMG_3520 IMG_3516

He cracked me up when he got the dogs to go in the crate! He had them jump off the bed and go to the crate like they were going to be locked up. By the look on his face, I would say he enjoyed it as well.

IMG_3513 IMG_3505

We got to spend time with Aunt Karla, Susanna and Gillian this Christmas as well. Here they are all playing poker!


This Christmas was magical and definitely one to remember!