Monthly Archives: August 2011

Pavlov’s Pup

So y’all have heard of Pavlov, right?  He’s the psychologist who performed the [don’t worry, it’s humane] experiment on his dog.  It went something like this: Pavlov hooked his dog up to these machines that measured the dog’s saliva.  Something about drool running down tubes….anyway, Pavlov rang a bell and then would feed his dog […]

Uncle Mo

Uncle Morgan. Uncle Mo. My grandfather’s brother. I love him so. Uncle Morgan is awesome.  He tells hilarious stories, plays hilarious pranks, and he is as good as the day is long.  And guess what he did. You will not believe it. Especially, if you know my mom. He……got……..on…..a……SCOOTER!!!!!!! Is this not the most hilarious […]