30 Weeks

Hey, y’all!  We’re 30 weeks pregnant!  Just 10 more to go (if he comes on time and not early or late)!  Woohoo!  I can’t believe we are SO close to meeting our little prince!  He still has not turned upside down… but there is still time.  He seems pretty content, if you ask me.  I kinda hate to make him come out of there.  He’s all warm and cozy…. my sweet boy.  My doctor said she won’t let me go longer than 41 weeks.  So, baby boy, if you are still in there being all cozy at 41 weeks, I’m sorry but you’re going to be served an eviction notice.  As much as I’d like you to stay in there, we’ve got tons of people who REALLY want to meet you!
Here is my 30 week picture.  As Carl took this picture, he said “Holy crap, you’re huge!”  I know he means it in the nicest way possible (if there’s a nice way to say that to someone)… he isn’t calling me fat.  I just wanted to be clear on that, for those of you that don’t know my sweet husband.  He knows better than to call me fat, haha! 🙂  
Here is our weekly update on all things baby belly:
Best moment of the week? Carl put his hand on my stomach and baby put his little hand or foot against Carl’s hand.  It was very sweet.  It felt like he was giving his daddy a high-five, or trying to hold his hand.  I thought maybe I was imagining feeling him at that particular spot (or that my body was confused because Carl was touching me on the outside), so I pushed around to feel where he was and in that little spot, there was a tiny tiny lump.  Like a tiny hand or a tiny foot, or maybe a heel or elbow?  One of his little body parts was definitely there pushing against my skin, and it was the sweetest thing.  “High five, daddy!”  I had Carl push too, and he could feel the tiny lump as well.  Precious!

Best thing about being pregnant? Feeling baby boy kick, and move around, and snuggle.  I love feeling him, it just never gets old.  I think I will really miss this when he is out!  I have some sweet friends who have been letting me know that when he does come, I will most likely feel overwhelmingly sad that he is out.  I’m just trying to brace myself.  I know it is natural that he comes out, but my momma-bear instinct wants him where he is safe and happy! 

Do you get morning sickness?  Yep.  No big deal though.  Not anymore, at least!  I’ve gotten used to it.  However, that first trimester was a doozey… the CONSTANT nausea was overwhelming!  I think it’s pretty amazing how us women forget the bad sides of pregnancy (and childbirth).  We had some friends over a couple weeks ago and the girl was asking me how it was being pregnant.  I could only thing of all of the happy and wonderful things I’ve gotten to experience.  Carl interjected though, reminding me that the first trimester was awful… but somehow I’ve already forgotten that.  I can consciously remember it if I prompt myself (or if Carl prompts me), but it is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind.  It’s exactly how John 16:21 puts it: “A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.”  Except, I’ve already forgotten some bad parts without him being in my arms!  God’s design is just perfect, isn’t it?!

Do you cry a lot? Not “a lot” necessarily… but more than I’d like to.  But after I cry, I feel much better!  Carl is always very sweet to me when I cry.  He’s kind of gotten used to it, and isn’t as concerned when I spontaneously burst out in tears.  But he’s still sensitive to me, and always gives me hugs and love, and lets me cry it out.  Such a good guy.  🙂

What was the first thing you bought for the baby? This adorable outfit: Untitled

Who will be in the delivery room with you?
  My wonderful husband and my amazing momma 🙂  (This morning we got to talking about who will be at my head and who will be at my feet… apparently BOTH want to be at my feet!  We might have to do some rotations because I’m going to need a hand to squeeze!)  I haven’t asked my dad if he wants to be in there, but he is welcome in as well, if that is what he wants.  My philosophy is this: if you changed my diaper when I was a baby, or if you’re my husband, you can come in the room.  🙂 And if my dad did come in, then both Carl and my mom would be at my feet and dad would stay at my head!

Have you had any pregnancy dreams? 
Yes.  And so have my mom and Carl.  My mom dreamt baby came out in a hard hat, as a toddler.  Carl dreamt that baby came out walking and talking.  I dreamt he came out as an 8 month old (a very happy one at that!), and then a couple nights later I dreamt I gave birth at 7 months (but he was 8 pounds and healthy).  In the dream, I called my mom to tell her I had the baby and I said, “My heart is now outside of my body!” She didn’t understand what I meant and asked if I was okay, then I told her “Yes, my heart is outside of my body…your grandson has been born!”  

And one more pic, just for the cuteness…
Here are our little ladies.  Traffic jam on the staircase to our bed!  


  • Rachel says:

    That eviction comment was funny. I look forward to pregnancy dreams. I can’t imagine what it must feel like having a baby pushing inside of you, or even at the beginning stages. Is it super different from just eating too much and your stomach feeling full? I tend to reference the stomach a lot, even though I know the baby isn’t in the stomach.

  • Rachel says:

    Oh also, his outfit is super cute. Looks like he is ready to go golfing, or at least a little putt-putt!