31 Weeks

We are 31 weeks along, this week!  Time is still flying by.  People keep asking if I have reached the point where I want him out of me yet.  I tell them that while I am eager to meet him, I kinda want him to stay in there forever.  I love knowing he’s safe and happy!  
Last Tuesday night, I covered up in bed and just as the covers came over me, my stomach moved in a HUGE way.  I asked baby what on earth he was doing in there, but he settled down so I figured all was well.  That night, I had to get up to use the bathroom several more times than usual, and I had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen.  The next morning, after reading, I learned that baby might have just decided to turn upside and down and his head was now resting in my pelvis and on my bladder (which explained both the sharp pain, and the more frequent bathroom trips)!  It was much more uncomfortable to walk for most of the day, and for the first time, I felt like I was doing the waddle (you know the one…)!
At some point, he turned around again and I was feeling back to my old self.   Wednesday night, though, I laid down in bed again and covered up, only to have him flip again!  Once again, he did it one swift movement, as opposed to slowly rotating throughout the day.  I started wondering if this was going to be a habit… turning upside down at the end of the day and working his way back to being right side up while I was up and moving around.  He stayed that way into most of Thursday, but at some point, he (again) turned right side up (or the breech position…but I don’t like that word because it has a negative connotation)!
Saturday, he turned upside once again and I was back in discomfort.  Maybe this was the feeling people keep asking me about; maybe this is why they are expecting me to want him to come out of there.  It’s definitely less comfortable than when he is in the upright position!  As time gets even closer, one of these days, he will be turning upside down and staying that way (Lord willing). 
One night this past week, Carl and I were getting into bed and I non-chalantly told him “I have a feeling this baby is going to come early.”  I fully expected him to say something along the lines of “Oh no, this is your first baby, you’ll definitely be late… you’re just anxious so you think he’ll be early.”  But….. that wasn’t what Carl said.
“Me too!” was what he actually said.
I almost spit out my water in utter shock that he, too, thought this baby would be early!  “What do you mean?!” I asked.  He chuckled at me and said he just has a gut feeling that baby will be a little early.  That was not the affirmation that I was looking for.  I was expecting to hear I would be late, not early.  Maybe we are just both anxious, and completely wrong.  Gut instincts can be wrong!  
The next morning, I told my mom about my feeling (and I was about to tell her what Carl said when she interrupted…) “Yeah I’m thinking he’s going to be early!  That’s why I’m coming out there well before your due date!”  Once again, people… not the affirmation I was expecting.
Anyway, as long as he comes after 38 weeks, I’ll be a happy camper.  Don’t rob me of those last two weeks of pregnancy, baby boy.  Although, it will be an extra two weeks I get with you face to face, so if you do come then, I think we will still both be pretty happy.  
I told my mom that I was expecting to be bigger than I am at this point.  Her response?  “Honey, you’re pretty huge…”  I guess I just don’t FEEL big (most of the time).  I was expecting to not fit behind the steering wheel of the car…but I still can.  Yesterday I couldn’t buckle my shoes for the first time so my sweet Carl helped me out.  So even though I don’t FEEL big, when Carl takes his weekly picture of me and I see my profile, I can’t help but think I look like a house.  So, I’m bigger than I feel.  That’s okay.
Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there!  I hope you all had a relaxing day with your family.  I was greeted with three gift bags and flowers when I arrived downstairs yesterday morning.  Austin and baby got me a combined card that was very very sweet, and Austin gifted me with a gift certificate to my favorite fabric store!  Carl gave me a card (that made me cry) and a bottle of some perfume I had been loving.  And, last, but not least, my little baby gave me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage!  I was truly spoiled yesterday.  All three boys were far too sweet to me.  Thank you!
Here is my 31 week photo (taken after church yesterday).
31 weeks
And with that, I must say farewell.  I hope you have a lovely week!

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  • Rachel says:

    A massage!!! I’m adding that to my list. It’s always on my list anyway. & I want ‘real’ answers from everybody for why they think you will have the baby early. But baby flipping upside down all of the time sounds very uncomfortable. Had you been getting enough sleep during this time/ lately?