37 and 38 weeks!

We’re just waiting on the baby! Here’s our last two weeks in photos….
Here’s me and Luke at 37 weeks. 
And here’s me and Belle taking a nap… there wasn’t a way for her to sleep on my round ole belly so she curled up on my chest.  Mom snuck this photo while I was catching a few Z’s.
Mom and I have been working on Luke’s room and getting all of his baby things in order.  We’ve organized his clothes and washed all his newborn outfits, and we’ve put tons of diapers in the closet for storage.  Belle doesn’t mind the diapers laying around.
And Miss Sugar doesn’t mind Luke’s new cradle cove.  “Not half bad,” she says…. “not half bad.”
38 weeks:
Here’s mom and I on Sunday before church.  Perhaps my last pregnant Sunday?  Time will tell… but I’m not holding my breath at this point!
After church, this sweet man and I spent some time in the park together.  Mom was our photographer.  We want to remember this precious time expecting our baby boy.

It was 108 degrees outside… I was kinda hoping that the high temps would send baby Luke on his way…but it didn’t.


And this little ham had to get in on the photo-action.
We’ve also been spending a couple afternoons and evenings in the pool.  In this heat, the pool feels AMAZING.  Especially when I feel light as a feather the moment I’m in the water!  It’s hilarious to see my belly in the water- I was standing there talking to my mom and when I looked down, I saw something I hadn’t seen in a while… my toes!  I stepped out of the pool to ask mom if my belly looked smaller to her all of the sudden and as we both looked at it, it slowly popped back out.  It looked like there was a balloon being blown up under my swim suit.  It was pretty hilarious.  So I got back in the pool, and then back out, and it happened again and again.  The next day, I brought Carl to the pool and had him watch my new trick.  It was like my pregnancy from 5 months to 9 months in fast forward!  Hilarious!

So, that’s been our last two weeks!
Hopefully soon I will be able to show you the nursery and all the progress we have made!