A Day At The Beach

*Side Note: the first time we stuck a toe in the Pacific ocean, we thought it would fall off because IT’S SO COLD!!!  We explained to some friends in California how the water just isn’t the same as on the east coast, and they said we went at the wrong time of year because it’ll definitely get warm, “Like 60 to 64 degrees even!”  Ha!  64 degrees!*polvam.ru

I’ll take it 85 and up, please and thank you very much!

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  • Rachel says:

    That is such a bummer about losing his ring! Had it normally been loose on his finger? Has he gotten a new one yet? I like your comment about Austin being so thin- child neglect! Carl looks a lot like his mom. Cute. Do you think the beach water (aka “the ocean”) in the LA area would be much warmer than your part of California?