A Surprise Visit

A couple of weeks ago, my dad called and asked what I was doing.  “Just hanging out… not a whole lot.  You?”
“Not tooooo much” he replied.  “What are you doing Thursday?”
“Uh…coffee with some girl friends… same as every Thursday..why?”
“Do you think you could swing a trip to the airport and pick us up?”
WOOHOO!  What perfect timing!  I had been so homesick, and now a huge part of my “home” was coming to visit me!
We took a trip to San Francisco:
We took a trip to Yosemite:
And my parents, despite being on vacation, did tons of really helpful things for us around the house.  For example, my mom ironed and my dad hung curtains in our dining room and in our kitchen:
As well as Austin’s room and our bathroom.  Thank you so much guys! 
Although we had a great time, we did have one little incident in Yosemite…
SOMEBODY got a little too close to the ledge….
Don’t worry, we managed to pull him back to safety.  😉
Mom and Dad, I loved having you (not just for the extra set of hands) but for all the fun times we had.  I can’t wait till you come visit again!

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  • Rachel says:

    These are all REALLY good family pictures. I hope you framed some of them. I am excited for my parents to come visit in a few weeks. The picture of you & your dad in the woods made me laugh bc when my dad takes those “Myspace” pics, his face looks similar. He says it’s bc he can’t concentrate on taking the picture & smiling at the same time. I like the silly ones of your dad “falling off the cliff”. Glad he’s okay though! And its always really nice when parents help out, even when we are “adults” now. =)