Cat’s outta the bag!

The three of us walked in and I leaned against a door frame, feeling weak and nauseous.  Carl nonchalantly walked in and announced “Lindsey was admitted to the emergency room on Thursday, and it turns out she has a condition that doesn’t allow her to keep food down.”  He paused.  “It’s called pregnancy.”  Ruia screamed and hopped out of her chair in excitement, and she came and gave me a big hug.  Marramonie and Michelle both came over and congratulated me and said Carl’s words had them thinking something was seriously wrong, but they were all so excited to hear about a new baby coming!  It was so much fun telling them, and finally our secret was out of the bag.  We told them that we couldn’t tell anyone yet because we didn’t want the news making it back to Florida before we did, and so to please keep it hush hush.  Everyone did a great job keeping it under wraps for us.  Over the next couple of weeks, Ruia rethought many conversations we had from the previous weeks and she was able to piece everything together.  All of my elusiveness made sense finally. Just that day, we were texting about how we were both feeling (she was battling allergies) and I mentioned “Yeah, this season is really rough.”  She interpreted it as the winter season, but I meant this season of life (in my case, the nausea from the pregnancy).  It was so exciting and such a relief to finally let our friends in our secret surprise.  Just a couple more weeks and we can tell our families!visualcage.rustreaming movie The Mummy 2017

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  • Rachel says:

    Carl is so witty. I like how he phrases things. And I am glad Austin actually mentioned that he wanted a sibling- that was pretty cool! That is a really nice picture of you & Ruia. You look super pretty. And I am glad that you have been feeling better enough to update your blog. Hooray!