How great is November?

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November was nothing short of amazing. Luke left the country for the first time…our little world traveler. AND…he learned how to WALK!business-jour

A few days before we left for Canada (still in October), he took a few steps! He did it at home so Daddy could see, and then he perfected his steps in Canada. We were outside and Luke was standing up, watching his little buddy (Maddox) play. Maddox ran down the sidewalk and Luke yelled for him…”Daddox!” A few minutes later celine bags sale, we went inside and I lifted Luke into the door, expecting him to sit down and start crawling. But he froze. Then he took a step. And then one more. I scooped him up and high-tailed it down the hall to Daddy. And Luke did it again! He continued taking a couple of steps into open arms for a few days, and then mastered the task while we were in Canada. In fact, when we were in the stores and he was walking, he proudly looked up to all the adults around him (strangers, too) and exclaimed, “WALKING!” So many people told him “Yeah you are walking, good job!” It was so cute to see how proud he was!

He traveled to Canada to meet his great Opa, and visit his great Omi whom he loves so much. We got up so early to fly out of Orlando…Luke was zonked out when we arrived at the airport.

Luke and I traveled with my dad. We kept him as occupied as we could on the flight…we even busted open the coffee creamer for a little creamy treat for Luke.

When we arrived in Canada, my dad’s cousin, Doris cheap celine bags, picked us up from the airport. We ran a few errands on our way to my grandparent’s house. We went to Dimpfelmeir’s (a delcious German bakery) and another store (Starskey’s?) that had the largest assortment of Polish sausages and meats and cheeses that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Side story: At one of the grocery stores, the cashier asked me, “Pop in the bag?” I must’ve had a puzzled look on my face as I was pondering, “What does he want me to pop in the bag?” because my dad clarified, “Do you want your soda out or in the bag?” (Haha!)

After we left the stores, we stopped at Tim Horton’s for some coffee.  Luke enjoyed a little whipped cream. Yum!

When we arrived at my grandparent’s house, Luke met his Great-Opa.

It was very cold in Canada. Luke was bundled up so much every time we went outside. I felt like I got a workout every time I bundled him! (Ignore the short sleeves on Poppa… the house was super warm, and he needed a little fresh air.)

Luke had fun exploring the house in Canada, and felt right at home rather quickly. (I was surprised because he typically takes a while to warm up to new places.) Here he is cleaning Omi and Opa’s floor!

The following picture is dark, and you can’t even tell… but this is the first time Luke saw snow. It snowed, but it didn’t stick this evening.

See those boots? Those are from Luke’s Great Opa. I thought it was such a sweet gift. They are a size and a half too large celine outlet, but that didn’t stop Luke from wearing them! They even light up when he walks!

Omi gave Luke a fork for him to feed himself. I told her he didn’t really know how to do that yet, and as I finished that sentence, I turned and saw him feeding himself. I was shocked, so I started taking pictures! (Of course!)

Speaking of eating, Luke wanted to report to Omi every time he took a bite. He would say “Mmm!” if he liked it, and if Omi didn’t acknowledge him, he would yell “Omi! OMI!” until she would look at him. It was pretty funny! He loved all the German foods while we were there… every last one. And he kept requesting konodle by calling it “nerdle!” He also started requesting pizza, and to-toes (potatoes). The boy knows what he wants. And when he doesn’t know a name of a food, he tells us “This” as he points.

While at the table one day, Luke was sitting in his Poppa’s lap. Poppa reached for his coffee and Luke grabbed his hand and pushed it away, then looked at Poppa and said “Hot!” He’s looking out for his buddy!

One night, we went to Moose Winooski’s in Barrie. Left to right, Bianca celine bags, Doris, Ray, me, Luke, Poppa, Ivana, and Al. (Side note- Aunt Ivana, Uncle Ray, and Bianca came over to Omi and Opa’s house after dinner. We asked Luke to say Bianca but it was such a mouthful, we said he could call her “B.” Well, he wouldn’t say her name. We told her that soon as she left, he would start calling for her. Wouldn’t you know soon as she walked out the door, Luke piped up…”B!” I asked him what he said and he smirked and said “B!” I laughed with him and he got so wound up and started yelling “B! B-B-B-B-B-B!”


Since it was our first time at Moose Winooski’s, the waitress let Poppa wear the moose antlers! He said they were very heavy!

We tried to get Luke out every day so that he didn’t get cabin fever, but it was so cold, he had to be so bundled up. Before one of our walks, we bundled him so much that his arms wouldn’t go down any further than pictured below!

Funny story- He tried to pass a leaf from one hand to his other, and due to the puffiness of the jacket, his hands wouldn’t touch…. so he ended up turning in a circle!!

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After a little bit, he decided he wanted to walk instead of ride in the stroller. He got out of the stroller and ran for a ditch, and dove into it. It was full of pretty leaves! Luke LOVES leaves!


canada goose Here is Luke reading with Great Opa.

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Since we left Canada, Luke has called for Omi and Opa so many times every day. We were there for two weeks, but they sure did make a lasting impression! He also calls for Harley (Doris’ dog, pictured below). My little animal lover!

Another day in Canada, we found a nice little park where Luke had a blast. Here he is toting his maple leaf that he found!

Poppa climbed with Luke and helped Luke go down the slides.

Luke also enjoyed swinging at the park. Such a big time was had!

Did I mention he also rode a motorcycle?! Look at that grin!

It’s hard to see in the picture below, but one day while we were in the drug store, Luke got a black eye. He found this blue little owl (he screamed, “OWL! WHOO WHOO!”), and he loved it. In the store, he accidentally fell while reaching for the owl and he hit his eye/ cheek on the chopping cart. 🙁 He left with a black eye, and a new toy in a feeble attempt to cheer him up. I thought it was very interesting though…Luke LOVED the stuffed owl! He calls it “baby owl” and he kept sharing his food and drink with it. Below, you can see him sharing his water. Such a sweet boy.

In Walmart, we saw this great pillow and just had to take a picture. We set Luke up with a few “classically Canadian” (read: moose) items and started snapping away. I started putting everything back on the shelf, but Luke grabbed the moose in red and started saying “Hi baby, hi baby hi baby! Aww” and giving it hugs. Sooooo… we had to buy it!

Here is Luke and Poppa in one of our many outings… just being silly in Target!

And here you can see Luke’s little shiner. Looks like he’s ready for a day at the office though, doesn’t he?

While in Canada, my friend Natalie told me I had to try a poutine. What is that? French fries with gravy and cheese curds. It was yummy, but not something that I’ll be craving from the Sunshine State. This portion fed four of us for lunch!

One morning, we woke up and everything was white outside. It was amazing. It felt like God decided to turn off the color for a bit!

Luke wasn’t nuts about the snow. I tried to convince him that it was fun to play in. I rubbed my nose and mouth in the bushes covered in snow and smiled at Luke, but he had this skeptical look on his face the whole time.

Here we are in front of Omi and Opa’s house.


I explained to Luke I was going to put him down in the snow, but he remained apprehensive.

He was not a fan of the snow for several days. Eventually he came around, and exclaimed, “Snow!” while trying to catch the falling flakes!

One of our outings, we walked around the flea market for a while. Our new little walker walked almost the entire time we were in the flea market! He even got to see Santa Claus while we were there. Santa gave him reindeer food for us to sprinkle on the lawn for his reindeer on Christmas eve! 🙂

After seeing the snow for a few days, Luke worked up the nerve to hold an icicle! Just once though… he won’t be doing that again any time soon! Ha!

One of our many outings, we went to a really fun store called Cabera’s. It was a hunting store, but it had so many stuffed animals…like this giant moose! Luke couldn’t take his eyes off of it even for the photo.


He loved walking all throughout the store, but no matter where we went, Luke said “Sorry” any time he fell down or bumped into something. He would say it to strangers in the store too… it was adorable, but we felt so bad for him because he would fall and then say sorry! How can you not feel bad for such a little guy?

Before we left Canada, we made sure to get a four generational photo.

When we returned to Florida, Luke picked up Uncle Scott’s old ball cap and started wearing it around the house. He loves putting hats on and letting us know, “Hats go on the head!”

He went walking one day, and when he climbed steps with his Poppa, Luke counted each step…all the way up to nine! He got to three, and Poppa thought that he wouldn’t go further…but he got to 9! Momma’s proud!

On one very rare Sunday….Luke fell asleep in my arms during church! I treasure the moments he still falls asleep on me. He’s such a little angel!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families this year, breaking our previous tradition of doing dinner with a few families in Turlock. Here’s Luke modeling his little Fall pull-over.

Momau set a place setting for Luke, with his miniature fork and spoon and a salad plate. It was so adorable!

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The day after Thanksgiving, we went shopping at Home Depot. Luke shouted when he saw Frosty, so we agreed that Frosty would indeed look mighty adorable on our lawn. So, Frosty came home with us. He gets so excited when he sees Frosty. He yells, “FROSTY!” and it sounds like “FWOSTEEEE!” Sometimes he’s so excited that the “e” in Frosty comes out a whistle! It’s so adorable! His voice just gets higher and higher as he calls his snowman friend.

While in Canada, Luke received this gift from Aunt Ivana. Even though we’re back in Florida cheap celine bags, Luke has continued to love on the sock monkey. I thought it was so thoughtful of her to think of him and give him such an adorable little toy!

We traveled to Jacksonville again this month, as well. This time, it was for my cousin’s wedding shower. It was Jack and Jill, so Carl and I went and brought Luke. Luke talks about his cousin Georgia (pronounced Jo-juh when Luke says it) quite often!

Luke also enjoys replying “Yes he does!” when you tell him someone loves him. “Poppa loves Lukey!” “Yes he does!” It’s the sweetest thing!