Spring has sprung! Luke and I got together with our new friends Lindsay and Amelia and we did some little crafts! Here’s Luke’s spring chick.



Someone is ready to PLAY BALL!


Look at this sweet face! Mommy wrote Luke’s name, and Luke wrote the mark in the upper right corner of the board. He was so excited when he saw it because he said it was the number one! Yeah Luke!


This month, we traveled down to Miami to see Carl’s side of the family. Luke kept insisting on eating this lemon when we were dining out with Carl’s dad, sister, and brother.


We went to the beach in Miami, and Luke had a blast playing in the sand. He enjoyed the water as well, of course. It was blue, and warm….absolutely perfect. While we were sitting playing in the sand together, a raccoon came up trying to scrounge some food!







We took Andrea to the Miami zoo while we were visiting. (Once again, tula to the rescue…Luke got to nap on our three mile walk around the zoo!)


Luke really enjoyed seeing all the animals. He wasn’t a huge fan of the fish though.


He also didn’t care for the “dinosaurs live” exhibit.


But he did like the petting zoo!


Pina Colada icees! Yum!

IMG_5166 IMG_5163

Sweet BOY collecting rocks!



We had the pleasure of being real tourists, going around on a boat cruise around the movie star homes. The weather was warm, but beautiful. The breeze really tickled Luke’s fancy.


Banana dacquiris! Delish!


We also got to be tourists on an outdoor bus. We went all around “little cuba” and downtown Miami.




Of course, it was such a hot day, so we did have to stop for ice cream! What would a hot vacation day be without the best treat ever?



Later in March, we went strawberry picking at Roger’s farm with our MOPS friends. I told Luke that we pick the red strawberries, and he picked just those! He is such a great listener. Luke had a strawberry sensitivity for a long time, so I was nervous when he wanted to eat the strawberries like his friends were. Thankfully, we learned he outgrew his sensitivity! Yay!


Luke told Juliana, “Look at mommy, smile!”


Picking some yummy strawberries!

IMG_5032 IMG_5017



The weather was so gorgeous, we got to enjoy some pool time as well!IMG_4893

Luke was very proud of his tower he built.



Oh how I love this snuggly boy.

IMG_5257IMG_5258 IMG_5256


When I got the Easter decorations out to decorate, Luke was so excited to see his new little bunny friends!

IMG_4705  IMG_4703

Look at this sweet little model. He’s absolutely precious.


A few Saturdays this month, we walked to Subway from our house. And what did we find? More dandelions!


Long walks can wear a boy out!


On one of our walks to Subway, we learned that Luke definitely pays attention to what we order. We were in line ordering and Luke started shouting, “Diet coke, please!”


Our afternoon walks often end with searching for turkeys and other wildlife around our neighborhood ponds.


We ended our month with a haircut from Poppa. Luke (and Poppa) did great with the haircut! It’s so nice being able to do this on the living room floor and not have to drag Luke to a barber! Thank you, Poppa!



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Fun Times in February

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canada goose In February, we had the privilege of being able to visit our California friends once again. It was so great to see them after the many months away.

Luke got his very first ear infection right before we left, so we had to go in for a doctor visit. Thank goodness my parents were around because Luke was very high maintenance, and I had a terrible migraine…. not a good combination!

canada goose IMG_4229


Luke was so exhausted from his busy week of sickness, he ended up passing out watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse.


Once he felt better, we got outside a little and helped Momau spread mulch.





But you know what they say about all work and no play!

Luke was also happy to help Poppa begin renovations at Momau’s house.

We had a surprise visit from Great Uncle Morgan, and it was absolutely wonderful having him around! Luke took to him (I mean, how could he not?)…he even let Uncle Mo kiss his head! Uncle Morgan is my Papau’s brother. Seeing him interact with Luke reminds me of what it would’ve been like to see Papau interact with Luke. It makes me so happy to see them together.

We took Uncle Mo out for some local BBQ.  Good ole Sonny’s.

Luke enjoyed the outdoors this month… it was a little wet, but it was still nice since it wasn’t too hot. Luke thoroughly enjoyed Momau’s flowers, as usual.

I could eat this kid up. I kid you not.



canada goose We departed for California and as always, the Tula was a huge helpIMG_4309


Once we were in California, Luke enjoyed the wonderful wildflower…dandelions. He had the most adorable way of saying dandelion…”Dandy L-EYE-un”



In California, we stayed with our friends (Daniel and Ruia) and we had many outings.  One of the days, we went to Megan’s house to decorate Valentine cookies. Luke was given a cookie and had no interest in decorating it… here he is caught red handed! Mouthful of cookie? Yes please! (And that’s Maya grinning next to him!)

My little cutie pie. This was taken at a big get together. Just like ole times.

Luke took a little bit to warm up to everyone… this is Luke’s buddy-since-birth, Jack.



Here’s Luke talking on the phone at Maya’s house.

Once again, the tula came to the rescue on this rainy evening.

Luke and Daddy enjoyed blowing dandelions together.

Here are Luke and Jason sitting together at the Grizzly Rock Cafe! Such cutie-pies.

Luke enjoyed bible class at the Turlock church.

Luke is looking at sweet little Sophia.


Here are Luke and Mommy swinging on the same swing we were in for our maternity pictures! Also the same playground where Luke first swung in a swing. Such fun, sweet times.



I sure love this little punkin.

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