Retreating In The Mountains

A couple weekends ago, we hightailed it over to Yosemite for a church-family retreat.  We left our troubles safely locked up in our homes, knowing they would be waiting for us upon our return.  This weekend was a get-a-way.  Troubles and stress were not invited on our trip.
Since I knew this weekend wouldn’t be dirt free, I packed a bag I could carry that could easily be thrown into the wash.  When I took it out and laid it on the floor, Belle saw her opportunity.  And I saw a photo-op.  😉
She cracks me up. She just hopped in there as if to say, “So where are we going?” In reality though, she could care less where we were going. As long as she gets to go, too. I snapped her photo and then laid her (within the bag) on the bed, next to my other bag that I was filling with clothes for the weekend. I stepped out to grab some towels out of the dryer, and when I came back into our room, this is what I found.
She upgraded. 
Apparently, she wanted a more roomier, and girlier ride for the weekend. I understand, little Belle, I understand. We made our trek over to Yosemite (yet again, haha! maybe I should rename the blog to “something about yosemite.”  just kidding :)) and I think the ups and downs of the hills made Belle a little resentful toward the car. She started breathing heavily and I just KNEW she would lose her supper any moment! Thankfully, she made it to the camp with her supper still in her belly. We arrived and set up our bed for the night, inside the cabin with our friends. As you can see, Belle was happy to see our bedding.  She quickly rooted around and found her spot for the night.
The theme for the weekend was “Face Your Giants.” We participated in classes revolving around the idea of over-coming your hurdles, and “leaving it on the field.”
If you haven’t had a chance, go read my thoughts on “leaving it on the field.” facegiants 
We brought Austin’s best buddy with us on this trip, which I truly believe, made the retreat about 1,000 times better for Austin.  He had a friend that he could explore and roam the hills with.  They had real “guy time”…. no Playstations, no Wiis, no computers.  Just two young men out to explore the wilderness.  And his friend is such a great kid- we sometimes forget he is even around!  He’s very well mannered and soft spoken.
We all hiked up to a creek in the hills of Yosemite. The water was ICE cold…. well maybe not ice cold, since then it would be actual ice, but you know what I mean! DSCN0792 
The kids really got into gold-searching. Hey, we are in California, you know…the golden state.. And there were sparkly flakes all throughout the creek.
I’m not sure why Belle looked sad in this picture, she was quite happy to be out in the woods. Even if one of our friends did have to pull a tick off her nose while I held her down. Small price to pay.
 Saturday night, my husband let out the card shark within himself. I was going to post some pictures of the card playing group- but I’m pretty sure the people in them would ask me to remove them from the blog…. in every shot, someone is making a dramatic and horrible face. The shots were all candid, so it was bound to happen at some point. 
So our weekend was spend truly retreating in the mountains. 
No work, just relaxation, connecting more with friends, and studying God’s word.

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  • Rachel says:

    I like this post a lot. Although since Yosemite is a 5 & 1/2 hour drive from Burbank, I doubt we will be heading up there anytime soon. The trip sounds really fun. Rollo (our outside cat) could always be found sitting in the van before we made a trip to Atlanta. Was it a big blow up mattress that you slept on for the weekend? I really wish I had more opportunities to take weekend vacations and just be outside all the time – as much time as I spend on Facebook & blogs & texting, being away from that all is suuuch a relief. Its like I’ve learned how to really live again! I don’t think Michael would like doing something like that though.. You’re lucky that Carl & Austin are such troopers! =)