Soccer Time!

On Saturday, Austin participated in his first team sport in Turlock…. soccer!  He is so great at running, Carl and I really felt that we needed to get him involved in using that excess energy.  Last year, he participated in Cross Country and his grades went up, his energy went down, and he slept like a baby.  We are hoping he will sign up for Cross Country again this year.  
{Let me explain this photo- the kids were doing leg exercises where they basically did toe-touches.  Apparently, I only captured Austin doing them and so it looks like he’s mad and stomping… but that wasn’t the case.  They were supposed to touch their toe to their finger with each step, and keep their leg straight.  Make sense?}
So on Saturday, Austin and I made our way to the sports complex where there was a kick-off carnival being held.  (Carl had to work, boooo!  But he does a wonderful job providing for our family and making sure we are taken care of, so the reason that I “booo” him not being there is because we missed him.) There were snow cones, bounce houses, face paintings, a band, and other vendors there to help rev up the soccer season.  Austin was feeling a little down about playing a sport he had never played before, so I got him a snow cone before his first practice, and encouraged him that he’ll get better with every passing day.
He’s on a team with kids older than 12, but under 18, and he says he’s the only one on the team who has never played.  I watched the kids practice different exercises for a while, and I told Austin that although he was the only kid without experience, it didn’t look that way.  Austin was more coordinated than some of the other kids who had played, and with how limber he is, I have no doubt he’ll be picking up the sport in no time!  
While Austin was running, I texted my friend (who played soccer in high school for a few years) Mia about how Austin was feeling, thinking she might have some advice for me to give him.  She said “You play soccer for the fun of it!”  I was ashamed I hadn’t thought to tell Austin that!  Here I was saying that he’ll just get better with more practice, he doesn’t look like a newbie on the field, and encouraging him in his abilities…. but really, that one sentence from Mia should cover all of that.  You play soccer for the fun of it.  You will improve with more practice, but you do it because it’s fun.  Next time Austin is feeling down, I’m going to throw that line out there.  Thanks, Mia!
Anyone else out there have any advice for a new soccer player?  
{*Fun fact- as I typed that last question mark, my phone told me I had a new text.  It was Mia, saying “Being on a team is important, whether you are playing or sitting on the bench encouraging your teammates.”  That’s another good one I’ll have to make known to Austin!  Thanks again, Mia!  I hope you don’t mind me publishing your advice!! *}

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  • Rachel says:

    That’s great that Austin is getting exercise and making new friends at the same time. I really would like our kids to be a part of a team too and be healthy. Was it something he suggested doing? And its good what you said about- how even though he is the only one without experience, he has more coordination. He’ll be Captain in no time & yay Mia for great advice! =)