Telling My Parents!

Oh man, this was so exciting!  We arrived in Jacksonville and my dad was there to pick us up.  Our flight was a red-eye, so my leaning back in my chair in the car while holding my stomach (from nausea) was disguised as tiredness.  Austin was dropped off at his grandparent’s house, and then my dad drove Carl, Belle, and I back to my parents house.  After greeting my mom and Sugar, and meeting my dad’s new cat, Lucky, we all sat in the living room and chit chatted.  
Carl made a comment about how pretty my parents Christmas tree was, and then explained that we are making a scrapbook (not true) and we should get a photo by the tree.  He instructed me to get in between my parents and pose by the tree for the “photo.”  He slyly switched his camera to video mode, and pretended to take a couple of pictures.  I think this video speaks for itself, so have a peek!
We cracked up at how my mom didn’t believe Carl when he told them to say that I was pregnant.  I jokingly explain to people my mom has been wanting a grand baby since I was a baby, so for her to hear “Lindsey’s pregnant!” was unbelievable music to her ears.  (Literally unbelievable!)  We later found out she thought Carl was trying to get her to think happy thoughts so he told her to say something that would make her happy!
We told Carl’s parents the next day… stay tuned for their video!

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