The First Game

Austin had his very first soccer game last Saturday, so this post is going to be inundated with pictures.  The grandparents will love it… the rest of you, possibly not so much.  Feel free to look away!
Here’s the first huddle for team “Madrid.”  (I know, right?!  What kind of team name is Madrid? )  And yes, Austin does have Tim Tebow’s number.  That’s right, Florida boy.  Coincidence?  I think not.
Austin played defense.  He was still a little timid around the ball, but we’re encouraging him to be more aggressive.  He says he has to to stand still until the defense leader tells him to move… but I’m not sure he understands that correctly.  But who am I to say, I am learning soccer as we go here. Hey, I’ve never been a soccer mom before!
(Don’t look too hard, I don’t think Austin is in this shot… but that’s a lot of green, so correct me if I’m wrong.)
This is awful, but I don’t even know what the other team name was.  I was expecting parents to be on the sidelines cheering for their team, but they mostly just sat and talked with each other.  When a play got to be heated, they would perk up…. but no shouting “Go Madrid!” or any other team name for that matter.  (Maybe if the team name was the Lions or Pirates or something more fierce sounding.  Is Madrid fierce?  I admit to not knowing much about that place.)
Check out this action shot…. that’s our goalie.  So yes, the other team was about to make a goal and I took a picture.  There seems like there should be some sort of code against that… soccer mom’s taking pictures of their kid’s team getting beat.  However, in this particular shot, our excellent goalie (who blocked several shots) did succeed.  
Final score?  8 to 3.  Poor Madrid.  Stay tuned for this Saturday’s game!

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  • Rachel says:

    I don’t mind the pictures. =)
    Practice makes perfect! How is it being a Soccer Mom? Is there a lot of car pooling & do the parents take turns bringing snacks/ Capri Sun drinks each time? I believe that’s what my mom did when Zach was in soccer. He was pretty young.. like first grade (super cute)!